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Supply & Install

For the Supply and Installation of lifting equipment such as slings, chain blocks, shackles and more.
Manufacturing and Installation of building structures (load bearing & no load bearing).
Fabrication, erection and construction of steel buildings and pressure vessels.
Hiring of Equipment.

Supply & Install: Our Services
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For the Supply of Lifting Equipment:

*Electric Wire Rope & Chain Hoists

*Side pulling prevention devices

*Anti-collision devices

*Radio and infra-red control

*Load cells & Load Limiters

*Conductor downhop systems

*Cable reeling drums

*Brake Systems

*Steel wire rope for cranes

*Steel wire rope slings

*Flat webbing and Endless round slings

*Load chains

*Air hoists and winches

*Pallet lifters & mobi-jacks

*Chain slings & hooks with attachments

*Plate grabs 

*Chain blocks & Lever blocks

*Drum lifters

*Spreader Beams

*Coil lifters and electronic lifting magnets


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Manufacturing & Fabrication

Manufacturing building structures
Fabrication & erection of steel buildings
Fabrication & construction of pressure vessels



Installation of Lifting Equipment, Electrical Panels, Mechanical Valves and Hydraulic Equipment


Hiring of equipment

Hiring of Mobile Cranes, Pumps, Cherry Pickers, Truck Mounted Cranes and Transport.

Supply & Install: Services
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