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Maintenance & Repairs

Maintenance and Repairs of cranes and tackle such as lifting equipment and electrical and mechanical equipment.
On-site rigging complied with mobile cranes and crane trucks.
Demolition, site clearing and small earthworks.
We also do maintenance scheduling and service contracts on your behalf.

Maintenance & Repairs: Our Services

Maintenance Schedules and Service Contracts

Cranes & Lifting Equipment


Maintenance and Repairs on Lifting Equipment and Cranes.
Upgrading of existing cranes
New overhead cranes & gantries
Relocation and modification of overhead cranes



Day to day maintenance/ service of electrical equipment/ panels
Building/ office maintenance testing/ repairs/ alterations
General plan cabling/ replacement/ new supplies rerouting etc.


Conveyor Belt

Day to day maintenance/ service of gearboxes/ conveyor systems and material handling equipment


Power Plant

Turn Key Electrical and Mechanical Site Work including Rigging and Transport

Maintenance & Repairs: Services
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